Common Hot Water Tank Issues

Common Hot Water Tank Issues You Should Not Ignore

Whether renting or owning a home, your hot water tank should be a part of a regular home maintenance checklist. Issues with your hot water tank, when ignored, can not only leave you with a freezing cold shower but a costly cleanup and repair job. Be sure not to ignore the common signs of water heater trouble.

Not Enough Hot Water

If the water takes longer than usual to heat up, or no hot water is coming out at all, you have a problem. For no hot water, the issue may be related to the pilot light. If the pilot light has blown out this could be caused by a faulty pilot light control valve or thermocouple. If there is not enough hot water, the issue may be caused by a damaged heating element, or a damaged dip tube, allowing incoming cold water to mix with hot water at the top of the tank and causing cold water to come out.

Smelly or Dirty Water

Smelly or dirty water can be a sign of contamination in the water tank. Smells that occur from hot water typically are caused by bacteria inside the tank. Flushing the tank may be a solution and is good to do 1-2 times a year, regardless, to maintain a healthy water heater. If smells are coming from both the hot and cold water, then the issue may be caused by another source outside of the water heater. In either case, if the smell lingers, it’s best to call a professional plumber.

If the water is dirty or cloudy in color, this is most likely caused by sediment build-up and mineralization inside of the tank. Any build-up inside the tank can reduce its effectiveness. Rust-colored water can be a sign the anode rod needs replacement, as its core function is to reduce sediment inside of the tank.

Unusual Noise Coming from the Hot Water Tank

A noisy water tank is a sign of several potential problems, and diagnosing a specific issue may be difficult alone. For gas water heaters, hissing, popping, and banging can be a sign that the tank’s heating elements are burning sediment in the tank, or the elements themselves are burning out and need replacement. To remove sediment, it is recommended to flush the tank.

Water Heater Leaking

Leaks are a big problem! Should you notice a leak, turn off the water and power supplies, and call a plumber immediately for an emergency repair. Before you know it a small leak can turn into a flood. If your hot water tank is leaking we do not recommend even attempting repairs, you would be better off replacing the tank right away.

If you have common hot water tank issues or need maintenance, repair, or replacement, call us. Our team of professionals at Murrayville Plumbing & Heating ltd. are available 24/7. Call or contact us today if your water heater needs an inspection or replacement. Ask us about tankless water heaters too, we have some great tips on upgrading your systems today. As a Fortis Trade Ally member our tankless water heater installations qualify for Fortis rebates of $1000.00. Call 778.888.6451 to contact us for more information.

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