Langley Drain Snake Services


Our experienced plumbers can handle the most complicated drain clogs and drainage problems within your Langley area home or business plumbing system. Our drain snaking services in the Lower Mainland include clearing your clogged drain, clogged sink, toilet clog, or laundry tub clog.

Drain snaking is a very common method of clearing clogs and blockages. This method uses a spiral metal cable with an auger on the end of it. A drain snake can range in length from 5ft to 50ft depending on the needs. It is inserted into the drain or pipe that has a clog or blockage and is fed until it reaches the blockage where it clears it away by pushing or rotating the auger.

There are a variety of different attachments for the end of the drain snake depending on the circumstances of the blockage and type of pipe in question. Using the drain snaking process, we can clear blockages from a variety of areas such as fixtures, drain pipes, and other plumbing pipes. For more heavy-duty drain cleaning needs, we commonly use hydro-jet cleaning.

Experienced Drain Snaking

We have years of experience cleaning drains and providing complete plumbing solutions in the Lower Mainland. We provide prompt, friendly customer service and expert clog removal and drain cleaning plumbing solutions. We can remove any drain clog or debris buildup within your pipes including grease, sediment, soap scum, sludge, or root infiltration. Our in-pipe video inspection confirms our thorough drain cleaning, and our complete drain snaking procedure is executed to the highest standard.

Before we conduct any drain snaking services, we always conduct a thorough in-pipe video clog detection. If we discover damage, we may need to perform pipe repairs or, if the clog looks especially troublesome, we may have to utilize high-pressure jetting cleaning procedures.

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