Choose The Right Furnace Repair And Replacement Professionals

Choose The Right Furnace Repair And Replacement Professionals

Did you know that about 50% of Canadian households depend on natural gas as their primary heating fuel? This is compared to 36% who use electricity. The majority of these households use either natural gas furnaces, electric furnaces, or electric heat pumps as their primary heating equipment. It can be hard to choose the right furnace repair and replacement professionals.

Whichever equipment you use in your home, you’re likely to experience breakdowns from time-to-time. Some of these hitches occur due to wear and tear or the inability to carry out regular maintenance. During such cases, finding a reliable furnace repairs and replacement professional to fix your equipment may be harder than you anticipated.

Are you looking for competent furnace repairs and replacement professionals to fix your gas furnace? Here are some great ways to ensure you get the best. Read on to choose the right furnace company and replacement professionals.

Check If They Are Licensed

Before anything else, you need to ensure that the individual or company has the license to operate. Furnace repair requires certain levels of authorization from local or state governments.

Most provinces do require HVAC companies to obtain a license from their respective Board of Heating. However, the licensing requirements may vary from one State to the next. Before you engage a furnace repair expert, it would help to question their licensing status.

Always Check Accreditation

Working with a company for the first time can be scary. You’re not sure if they will deliver on their promises. Luckily, with HVAC companies, it’s easy to research them ahead of time.

All you need to do is to visit the Better Business Bureau and search the website. BBB has a list of all the accredited companies and their respective ratings. Ensure that you only deal with certified companies for your furnace repairs and replacement needs.

Look For Experience

Nobody wants to hire an inexperienced tradesman, especially not for something as critical as repairing a gas furnace. Before settling for a furnace repair company, consider their years of experience in the business. Don’t shy away from this critical question because it may haunt you later.

The temptation to consider a new company is often overwhelming. This is partly due to the chance that they may charge way less than established companies. But whatever the catch may be, ensure that you only consider a company with some years of experience.

Tools & Equipment

Pros don’t second guess; instead, they get the job done. However, quality delivery is impossible unless a professional has the right tools.

While there may be thousands of technicians in the market, you want to make sure the one you’re considering has the right tools and equipment to do the job right the first time.

Reviews & References

Nothing compares to the testimonials attached to an expert’s profile. Often, these are either satisfied or disgruntled clients. When finding the best furnace repairs and replacement expert, reviews and references should be a deal-breaker.

Most social media platforms and popular search engines have a specific section for reviews, which can help you paint a real picture of the contractor.

References, on the other hand, are people you can physically trace or contact. You can then ask critical questions about the company’s ability to deliver. With such information, you may then make an informed decision on how reliable the company is likely to be.

Referrals From Anyone Close To You

One of the easiest ways to choose a reliable furnace repair company is to consider the word of mouth referrals.  If you asked around, you would be shocked at the number of people in your circle who have had the same problem in the past. Their approach when dealing with the issue can guide your choice of a furnace repair company.

Referrals offer you an unadulterated point of view on each of your potential HVAC experts and their flaws. Through referrals, you may also get to know of other equally competent experts that weren’t already on your list. The best thing about referrals is that you also get to compare each company’s deliverables versus the actual cost even before meeting the company’s representatives.

Good Reputation

Brand reputation transcends referrals, references, or reviews and is another critical factor to consider.

Most times, the reputation and brand recognition attached to a company is a result of many years of constant quality delivery. Make sure the company you choose has a stellar reputation and you’re more likely to be satisfied yourself.

High Efficiency Products

Today, every consumer is interested in having a system with the highest level of energy efficiency. While seeking to replace your old unit, you’re best off choosing a model with an ENERGY STAR rating.

However, how the unit is installed also determines if you’ll enjoy full efficiency that comes with this new unit. You must, therefore, find a furnace contractor offering efficient products and has the necessary skills to ensure that you get the best value for the money spent.

Consider The Warranty

The assurance of quality delivery is not complete without warranties and guarantees. A reliable furnace repair and replacement company should be able to offer a binding written guarantee. This document promises to give further repair or replacement services if your system develops problems within a specific time period.


Poorly done furnace repairs and replacement can create serious headaches. Before hiring a furnace repair company to handle your gas furnace repairs, make sure you do your homework.

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