Plumbing Emergency Tips

If you have ever encountered an unexpected flood in your bathroom or kitchen, you probably know that plumbing emergencies can ruin your day. Murrayville Plumbing & heating Ltd. offers 24-hour emergency plumbing services, but you may wonder how to protect your property before we arrive at your door.

Turn It Off

If water is gushing onto your floor, you want to stop it as quickly as possible.

Here’s how:

  1. Locate the main water shut-off and turn the water off.
  2. Find the problematic fixture’s isolation valve to shut it off exclusively.
  3. Turn off your gas hot water heater to prevent a burst.
  4. Turn on outside faucets to direct water outside.

By following these steps, you can get the flow of water under control before you address the mess.

Seal the Leak

During plumbing emergencies, you may not have all of the tools you need to repair a pipe. However, with a few simple items, you can temporarily protect your home from a leak before help arrives. Use Teflon tape or epoxy to quickly seal a damaged pipe. If you don’t have those available, wrap a towel around a pipe and spread more towels over the area to soak up water. You can also use a bucket or even a pot to catch drips and protect your floors from damage.

Don’t Panic – Help Is on the Way!

Plumbing emergencies can be scary and stressful. After you take the preventive actions listed above, take a deep breath. If you stay calm, you can be better able to tend to your belongings and prevent further damage to your home. Murrayville Plumbing helps with all kinds of plumbing, heating, drainage and gas problems, no matter how dire they may seem. Give us a call at 778.888.6451, and you can rest assured that we will come to your aid as quickly as possible.

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