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Understanding what a drain tile system is and how it works will help you ensure that your home is being properly protected against rainwater. At Murrayville Plumbing, we understand how important it is to have a drain tile system in your home. That is why we offer a wide range of drainage services.

What is a Drain Tile System?

A drain tile system is a network of pipes that run along the foundation of a house or building. These pipes are designed to encourage water to run away from the foundation and into the network of pipes, preventing water from leaking through cracks and into the basement. In most cases, the network of pipes is either connected to a sump pump or creates a downward sloping drain system that leads away from the home.

How a Drain Tile System Works

A drain tile system works by creating a path of least resistance for water to follow away from the house. As the water runs down the side of the house, it will follow the path down to the drain tile and into the pipes, where it will continue downward to the drainage outlet. This type of drainage system is extremely efficient at keeping a home’s foundation dry by preventing standing water from accumulating close to the house.

While every house requires a different setup of drain tile, every system works on the same principle of providing water with a more convenient way to flow, redirecting it to a better location than near the home’s foundation.

How is a Drain Tile System Set Up?

During the installation of a drain tile system, a series of perforated pipes are added around the base of the house’s foundation, usually a few inches under the foundation or slab itself to help force the water to run underneath the top level of the foundation and to reduce leakage. All of the pipes are then connected into a single network that runs around the perimeter of the house and out to a single drainage outlet.

In most cases, the pipes are covered in a foot or so of loose gravel that allows the water to drain down. The gravel is then covered with tar paper or another fine screen material to prevent silt from seeping into the pipes. Once the entire system is in place, the screen is then covered in dirt to help weigh it down and to provide a finished look.

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