Questions About Drain Cleaning Service

Questions About Drain Cleaning Service

Getting a drain cleaning service is an important plumbing maintenance every homeowner should do. Calling a plumber in Langley BC like Murrayville Plumbing & Heating Ltd, to help you properly clean your drains is beneficial as it extends the lifespan of your pipes and prevents major clogs that may cost you a fortune in repairs. If you have questions about drain cleaning you need to speak with experts like our team of plumbers.

Below are the frequently asked questions about drain cleaning. Don’t forget to call us if you have other questions about the service.

Do You Need to Get Drain Cleaning Service Every Time There Is a Clog?

No, it’s not necessary to always call a plumber in Langley, for a drain cleaning service whenever there is a clog in your plumbing. That is because there are minor clogs that a drain snake or a plunger can fix. However, we advise you to call a professional if you don’t know how to use plumbing tools to get rid of minor clogs. You will need extensive drain cleaning service only when there is a major clog in your plumbing or to maintain your drains. Proper drain maintenance extends the lifespan of your pipes and your entire plumbing system.

How Often Should I Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning?

Some homeowners would only schedule professional drain cleaning when they have problems with their drains. Don’t wait for major plumbing emergencies — get a regular cleaning service when you notice signs that there might be a problem with the drains. The service helps you maintain your drains and avoid major clogs in the future. During the service call, a plumber would thoroughly inspect your drains with a drain camera to check clogs or corrosion in the pipes. During the service call, any problem is resolved to ensure that you won’t keep calling a plumber for expensive repairs.

Can I Use Chemical-Based Cleaners?

We suggest that homeowners don’t resort to buying heavily advertised drain cleaners to avoid clogs as they are damaging to the pipes and pose significant health risks. They are also not the permanent solution to clogs in your plumbing. To help you get rid of minor clogs, you can either use a plunger or call a plumber, to help you alleviate the problem. For major clogs, schedule a professional drain cleaning service. A professional may use the hydro-jetting method to help them effectively clean your pipes.

What Are the Signs of Drain Clogs?

One of the signs you need to watch out for is slow drains. This is usually the first sign that homeowners notice when there is a clog in their plumbing. It will only progress to a major plumbing clog when the homeowner ignores the problem thinking it would go away on their own. Other signs you need to watch out for include:

  • Unpleasant smells coming from the drain
  • Water backs up to your bathtub
  • Bubbling toilets
  • Noises in the pipes

Call a plumber immediately to schedule a professional drain cleaning service.

What’s the Best Way to Prevent Drain Clogs?

First, you need to install strainers to catch debris, hair, food particles, soap, and other dirt that will clog your pipes. Make sure that you also educate all your family members on what not to throw down the drain. You need to properly manage food waste and not throw grease down your drains as they can solidify and clog your pipes eventually. Most importantly, call a plumber in Langley, to schedule a professional drain cleaning service.

What Happens During a Drain Cleaning Service?

During the service call, our plumbers would sit with you and ask about your plumbing history, if you ever had major clogs in the past, and what you did to resolve those issues. We will also inspect your entire plumbing system to help us determine what tools to use to resolve the problem. We may use our drain cameras to see the interior of the plumbing pipes and exactly point out the problem. Don’t worry; we have the best plumbing solutions, and they are permanent. We’ll make sure that the problem is effectively resolved, and we won’t leave until you are delighted with the service we provide.

Can I Buy Powerful Plumbing Equipment So I Can Clean my Own Drains?

If you want a cost-effective solution to clean your drains, then we recommend you call a plumber instead. Motorized augers and hydro-jetters are very expensive, and you may even damage your pipes if you don’t know how to use them properly. Also, you need to have the proper training to be able to use this equipment. To avoid issues down the road, call a professional plumber instead. You can save money by contacting a plumber at Murrayville Plumbing & Heating Ltd, then buying equipment that may cost you a fortune.

Is It Okay to Hire an Unqualified Plumber for Drain Cleaning?

Hiring a handyperson may be cheaper than calling a licensed plumber to help you clean the drains. However, remember that handypersons are usually not insured, and they may not have the proper training or experience to get the job done. Because they don’t have insurance, you will need to pay for their medical expenses if something happens to them while on the job. In addition, if they make a mistake, you will only end up paying more for plumbing repairs. To avoid these problems, contact a licensed plumber instead.

Call Murrayville Plumbing & Heating Ltd Your Drainage Experts

Do you need a plumber in Langley or the Fraser Valley for drain cleaning service? We can help! Rest assured, all of our plumbers are qualified to do the job. We can help you effectively clean your drains and promptly resolve any problem. Murrayville Plumbing also offers other plumbing services such as water heater installation, water treatment, any plumbing repairs or maintenance. Call us today for an appointment.

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