When it comes to troubleshooting plumbing pipe leakages in homes you can always count on your Langley & Fraser Valley plumbers at Murrayville Plumbing & Heating. The average water leakages in homes can trigger losses of about 10,0000 gallons of water annually and around 10 percent of households experience leaks that can lead to wastage of about 90 gallons of water per day. Without faster repairs on the leakage sources, homeowners may experience problems such as hiked water bills and structural damages on walls, ceilings, or floors. Some knowledge of detecting plumbing pipe leakage signs so that you can contact a plumbing service technician to fix the mess on time will go a long way in saving you some cash. Below are some of the indicators of leakages in plumbing systems and how to resolve them.

Worn-out pipes

Although pipes can last a long time, they also experience wear and tear. After all, any product manufactured by man will one day become old and inefficient. Traditional homes often have plumbing systems with metallic pipes made of corrosive elements such as iron. When corrosion occurs either on the inside or outside of pipe walls, the piping system starts becoming weaker and unable to withstand the water pressure flowing through them. That problem can cause intensive leaks or pipe bursts ups if not addressed early.

The best solution is to replace the whole plumbing system with a new one, resistant to corrosion. If you notice any corroded pipes in your water line system, do not hesitate to seek the services of a plumbing service provider who can conduct the necessary replacements and switch your pipes to corrosion-resistant material. Such pipes could be made of plastic or copper.

Intruding tree roots

Trees are a source of multiple benefits to the environment and also act as a value-added aspect to homes due to their aesthetic feel. Some homeowners in the Lower Mainland love to plant trees and see their backyard full. However, without proper advice, they may mess nature by growing fast-growing plants with big roots that may trigger hazards such as damaging underground plumbing pipes and the foundations of houses.

When the roots intrude, they may misplace pipes from their original positions, making them bend or break and leak water. If you notice a wet patch in your yard, there might be a bigger problem underground. The next step you should take is to look for a credible plumbing service expert to pinpoint the exact issues with your underground pipes and fix them.

Clogs in plumbing lines

Some homeowners living in the area have possibly had clogging problems in their homes. That can be annoying, especially if the clogs are in the sewer and kitchen drain lines. If not addressed early, you might be deprived of fresh air in your home; think about that irritating sewer smell! Additionally, overflowing sinks and toilets could damage your expensively decorated flooring and carpets, making you incur extra costs for restoration services.

Clogs can also occur in clean water pipes. That can, in turn, lead to too much pressure build-up, causing the pipes to break. Some clogs can stem out of corrosive materials such as cleaners, so the pipes can develop leakage spots. If you notice any of these clogging challenges in your home, it’s high time to look for a plumbing professional to evade advanced damages to your home.

Poor pipe layering

Have you had the unfortunate experience of having fake or unqualified plumbing service providing companies and professionals in your home pretending to offer quality plumbing solutions, yet all they do is add more problems? If you haven’t, count yourself among the lucky ones! Such amateurs may lay pipes incorrectly without the consideration of the idea of water flowing against gravity. That can cause water flow problems, triggering inconveniences such as long wait times to get water from your faucets.

Take your time to look for a credible and certified plumbing expert to fix plumbing problems in your home. That will help you spare your energy and resources on issues such as incurring replacement and repair expenses. If you notice water flow inconsistency in your home, you might have to look for the right plumbing professional to repair the mess.

Temperature fluctuations

Rising and dropping temperatures can cause pipes to contract and expand. When the fluctuations happen intensely, the contracting and expanding pipes may get cracked, and that triggers water leaks. Metal pipes are more susceptible to the said problem that often occurs during the freezing winter season.

Homeowners who live in areas experiencing harsh temperature variations and have metal pipe plumbing systems can consider seeking the services of a plumbing service provider to replace existing pipes or mend the damaged ones.

Underground movements

Underground movements can stem from triggers such as earthquakes, the growth of roots, or flooding. These movements can cause pipes to shift locations. To make matters worse, the pipes may separate altogether, crack, or bend if the movements intensify.

Whenever you notice slow draining incidents or water supply issues and your area has recently experienced floods or earthquakes, you should step up and look for a plumbing service provider to assess and mend the problem.

Broken seals

While installing new plumbing fixtures, the plumbing contractor usually installs rubber sealants in places that the pipes connect to keep the areas watertight. The professional can also install these sealants on other appliances such as dishwasher doors. As the pipes and the appliances get old, the rubber sealants may get worn-out or snap.

Water puddles may form close to where pipes join together, or condensation can build-up on your plumbing appliances. That is a red flag that your plumbing system’s rubber seals need replacement. Talk to a plumbing service provider to examine the plumbing system and rectify any arising defects.

Experiencing pipe leaks? Talk to an expert plumbing service provider!

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