Plumbing Checklist for First Time Homebuyers

At Murrayville Plumbing, we understand how stressful buying your first home can be, especially when you are not sure what to look for when inspecting the home’s plumbing. That is why we have put together a plumbing checklist for first time homebuyers to take some of the guesswork and stress out of inspecting your new home’s plumbing system.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Checklist for First Time Homebuyers

Before purchasing a new home, it is important check the home’s plumbing to ensure that there aren’t any problems that need to be fixed. Some of the things that you should consider doing when inspecting a home’s plumbing system include:

1. Flush the Toilets

When inspecting the bathrooms in a house, take the time to flush each of the toilets to see how the water drains and refills, ensuring that everything appears to be in proper working condition. Make sure to also remove the backing of the toilet to ensure that the inner working appear to be in good condition. After flushing each toilet, make sure to wait in the bathroom until the toilet has completely finished flushing to ensure that it does not run.

2. Check the Water Heater

When inspecting the home’s water heater, make sure to look at the age of the water heater, whether or not it appears well insulated, if there is any sort of corrosion on the connections, and if there is any mineral buildup. It is important to check for these signs as they are all good indicators that the water heater has not been regularly serviced.

3. Run the Showers

One of the most important things to check for when inspecting a home’s plumbing is the water pressure. Consider running the showers to see how high the water pressure is. Low water pressure may indicate a larger issue that could be a result of a leak or a clog somewhere in the pipe.

4. Look in the Crawl Space

Take the time to look in the home’s crawlspace to check for any signs of leaks or water damage that might not have been seen during a home inspection. Even taking a few minutes to shine a flashlight under the home could reveal leaks or signs of water damage that might need further inspection from a certified plumber.

5. Check the Size of the Plumbing

Make sure to check the size of the plumbing currently installed in the home. If the pipes are not large enough to hold the capacity of water you will be using, it can result in less water pressure and increase the chances of potential water damage in the future. In most cases, homeowners should use pipes that are at least 3/4″ from the water source to the home and 1/2″ or bigger from sinks and faucets.

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