The Right Drain Equipment Matters

The Right Drain Equipment Matters

If you live in Langley, the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley, you know what it is like to get a clogged drain. Having the right drain cleaning equipment matters, you may be able to clear that clog on your own but sometimes you need a professional plumber to get the job done. Murrayville Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has been clearing drains, fixing leaks and even installing heating systems since 2015. We have an experienced team ready to help when ever you need that professional touch.

Your home drain system is what you use to dispose waste water in a clean and effective manner. However, it is not a surprise to find accumulated contaminants in your drains which make it impossible for waste water to flow away. Drain problems can be a nuisance and can make life very difficult. Clogged drains and clogged kitchen sinks cause significant inconveniences. Regardless of the severity of the drain problems, it is important to use the right drain cleaning equipment in order to protect the condition of your drains.

Clogged drains are caused by a variety of reasons including the buildup of grease and food particles in your kitchen sink drain or hair and soap scum in your bathroom drain. The problem does not just end there because clogged drains can throw off the balance of pressure in your system which can lead to cracked pipes.

Why is drain cleaning so important?

  1. It prevents any further damage to your pipes. When you drain blocks, it is usually because of dirt travelling into the pipelines and obstructing the flow of water. As a result, pressure is created in the pipes and then they begin to burst or leak
  2. It prevents flooding from backed up pipelines or leaks. When water is unable to pass through a drain, then it will go back up through the drain it was supposed to flow from in the first place. This can leave your home flooded with dirty water
  3. It prevents the buildup of bad odor from backed up water. Once backed up water begins to rot, it leaves a disturbing odor in its wake which is certainly very unpleasant especially when it spreads throughout your house.
  4. It keeps your health in check because backed up water provides a breeding ground for  bacteria and all the other sorts of organisms which can adversely affect your health including respiratory problems, allergies and irritations
  5. Lastly, drain cleaning will keep backed up water at bay. You will never have to worry about dirty water being unable to flow through your drains or any other problems that may arise from blocked drains.

You can clearly tell that drain cleaning is necessary for your home. It is a great preventive measure. However, there is still the question of the right drain cleaning equipment and tools to use. It goes without saying that drain cleaning is important. But what is even more important is the kind of equipment that you use.

Why it is important to use the right drain cleaning equipment

It saves your infrastructure

Your drainage system is interconnected. It includes your sinks, your pipes and your sewer line. A problem with one of these parts will more often than not affect another. If you use the wrong equipment, you are more likely to damage the other parts of your drainage system. You could cause your pipes to burst or to start leaking. In order to avoid all these hassle, you should use the right equipment in the first place. By doing so, you will be more confident that there will be no further damage to your drain or your pipes.

If you have a burst pipe? Contact our Emergency Plumbers.

It protects the condition of your drains

Drains are put in place so that they can last for a while. Replacing drains time and again is of great inconvenience.  When you use the right drain cleaning equipment, you will be preserving the durability of your drains and ensuring that they serve their purpose for a few more years. The wrong equipment will damage your drains and force you to replace them. You should prevent damage to your drains by using the right equipment.

The right tools are more reliable

When it comes to clearing clogged toilets and clogged shower drains, it is paramount to do the job once and to do it perfectly. This means that once the drains are unblocked, there will be no future occurrences of clogs or obstructions. The goal is to deal with the problem once and for all. The right equipment will help you clean your drain effectively and efficiently so that you do not have to deal with drain problems in the future.

For example, when you have slow draining tubs and showers, the right equipment to use is a Water Ram and not a snake. This is because snakes have a problem getting through the drum trap under a tub. On the other hand, the Water Ram uses compressed air to create a shock wave that simply follows the path of the water.

In this case, if you were to use a snake, then it would be ineffective because it would not clear the clog entirely and you would have to deal with drain issues in the future.

So, using the right drain cleaning equipment will give you reliability.

It prevents injury

You might not have experienced this but using the wrong drain cleaning equipment could cause you bodily harm and injury. It will be unfortunate to have to deal with two problems at once. Your health and safety matters more that your drain. Therefore, do not take the risk of using the wrong equipment because it has the potential of causing bodily injury.

It saves you time

As with everything else in life, using the right equipment will save you time. Once you clean the drain, you will not need to go back to clean it over and over again. Using the right tools ensure that the job is well done and no time is wasted in resolving the problem time and again.

It saves you money

When you use the right drain cleaning equipment, you won’t need to spend more money purchasing new equipment. On the other hand, using the wrong equipment means that you have to keep buying new tools to do the job effectively. This will cost you money.

The right drain cleaning equipment does matter. It is economical, reliable and time saving. Even though it may be costly at first, the investment will eventually pay off. You should seriously consider getting the right drain cleaning equipment, it really does matter. If you need help call us 778.888.6451

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